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About Our Products is pleased to announce its newly designed Virtual Tour system. The new system offers benefits that Virtual Tours have never provided before, all while retaining their high quality and affordable pricing.

Every interactive 360-degree Virtual Tour package now comes with a page for property information and a mortgage calculator for viewer convenience, an elegant slideshow for still photographs, the Virtual Tour window you are familiar with now, and a fully-integrated Google map to show a property's location in the area. Additional features also include valuable contact information, as well as a photograph or logo, at the top of the tour and a customizable Virtual Tour window that will allow users to select a color scheme unique to their website or tastes.

Our largest addition edition to the new experience is our custom-made floorplans, designed to show off the layout of any house. These plans are fully interactive, allowing the user to hover their cursor over rooms for a still photograph or even a Virtual Tour, all on the same page. (Floorplans incur an additional fee, please see the pricing below for this new feature. For a demonstration of how this works, please visit

Until recently, any changes made to the Virtual Tours could only be done by, but now the user can be fully hands-on as well. With the new system in place, users can login to their account and view all their tours in one place. From there, each individual tour can be edited. Still photographs in the slideshow (whether they are our own or some you have uploaded) can be rearranged and given captions, panoramic views can also be rearranged and renamed, a property's marker on the map can be moved to a more exact location rather than just the street it is on, and property information can constantly be added and updated whenever needed. Not only that, but the new custom floorplans can also have its still photographs and panoramic views moved or placed as desired as well.

As in the past, all of this will be done using the latest equipment, software and knowledge at our disposal and presented in a professional manner. However, we feel the addition of giving our clients the option to edit and tweak their tours to their liking once we have completed them adds a whole new dimension to

Ordering tours has also been simplified and integrated into our new system to provide a one-stop spot for all your Virtual Tours. After you log into your account you will see the option to order a tour. From there you are presented with a form that takes less than a few minutes to fill out. Once the request is made it is automatically added to's pending list and can be checked on at anytime to view its progress from pending to stitching and from stitching to active.

Product Pricing

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Virtual Tours

For the low price of $99, you will receive 5 virtual tour views and 6 still images. We use only the best equipment to ensure your virtual tours and photos are of the finest quality. Additional virtual tour views can be ordered for $15 per view and additional still images can be taken for $10 per image. The still images we photograph will be available for download in high resolution for use in your own marketing materials.

  • Standard Tour: $99 (includes 5 virtual tour views and 6 still images)
  • Additional View: $15 per view
  • Additional Still Image: $10 per image

Floor Plans

Floor plans are a great way to show off the layout of a property. We will take measurements of the entire house and create a digital floor plan that can be viewed anywhere, anytime. In addition, still images will be taken to display each area of the property. These still images will appear on the floor plans as icons so the user may place their mouse on the icon to get a full view of that area. If a virtual tour is ordered in combination with the floor plans, the virtual tour images will also show up as icons and be viewable from the floor plan. The still images we photograph will be available for download in high resolution for use in your own marketing materials. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1-5 Rooms: $199
  • 6-7 Rooms: $249
  • 8-9 Rooms: $299
  • 10+ Rooms: Contact Us for Quote

* Rooms includes any type of room (bedroom, office, library, etc) which is not the Living Room or Kitchen.

Included Features

The following features are included with each virtual tour free of charge. We feel these important features are essential in showing every detail about your property.

Property Information

Include important details about your property on the Property Information page. This page comes complete with a mortgage calculator.

Photo Slideshow

All still images taken by will be displayed in an elegant slideshow. Each photo may include a descriptive caption. In addition, you may also upload your own photos for use in the slideshow, rearrange the order of the photos and even change the captions.

Google Maps

Each tour comes with an interactive Google Map to indicate the property's location. Users may zoom in, zoom out and move the map with their cursor to locate nearby cities, towns and amenities.

Administration Tool

Take complete control over your virtual tours with our newly designed administration tool. Reorder images and views, add and remove images from floor plans, even move the marker on Google Maps so it's accurate. It's easy!

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